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Understanding Handicap Betting in Sports Betting

Handicap betting has become a familiar term among seasoned sports bettors. To help players gain a deeper understanding and confidence in this type of bet, let's explore handicap betting in detail and how to place bets on football handicap odds with bet win tips.

What is Handicap Betting?

Handicap betting is a well-known term in the sports betting community. It involves placing bets based on the goal difference between competing teams. Despite its reputation for simplicity, comprehending and mastering handicap betting in online sports betting requires a thorough understanding.

In essence, handicap betting calculates odds based on the goal difference between two teams, betting site for football adapts its betting formats to suit the preferences of its players, aiming to provide a fair and engaging betting experience.

To succeed in handicap betting, players need to carefully analyze information about odds. The gaming portal not only helps players increase their chances of winning but also enhances their betting skills.

Rules of Handicap Betting and Easy Betting Strategies

Follow the guide below to understand how to read and place handicap bets easily. This will help you gain more confidence in achieving deserving victories for yourself.

Understanding Handicap Betting Odds

To better understand how to read and place bets for handicap betting, it's important to grasp the significance of the symbols and numbers added next to the team names. When you see a handicap bet of +1 for Team A, it means that before the match starts, Team A has been given an additional point in the final total score of the team.

If you decide to bet on Team A with a +1 handicap, you will win if Team A wins or the match ends in a draw. If Team A loses by a maximum of 1 goal, you will still receive your initial bet amount back as a refund.

If you choose to bet on Team B when Team A has a +1 handicap, you can only win the bet if Team B wins by at least 2 goals. If Team B wins by only 1 goal, you will get your bet amount back without any profit. If the result is a draw or Team B loses, you will lose your bet amount.

Guide to Playing Handicap Betting for Beginners

To start playing handicap betting in sports betting, especially in football, here's a step-by-step guide to help you understand and get started with this type of bet:

Thorough Team Research: Gain a deep insight into the teams by researching their playing styles, current form, competitive mindset, and recent performance. A solid understanding of 123win's foundation will make your betting decisions more confident.

Analysis of Betting Points and Odds: Make sure you can compare betting points and odds to determine the best opportunities.

Track Statistical Data: Use team performance statistics and score differentials. This data can provide critical information to objectively evaluate match situations.

Make Objective Decisions: When placing bets, base your decisions on analysis and objective evaluation. Avoid letting emotions affect your decisions. Logical thinking and calmness will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes and increase your chances of winning.

Easiest to Win Handicap Bets at 123win

To help you better understand online betting odds and make more effective choices, here are the easiest types of handicap bets at 123win:

Level Handicap Bet: This bet treats both teams as evenly matched without any handicap.

0.25 Handicap Bet: In this type of online bet, the stronger team is given a 0.25-goal handicap over the weaker team. If you bet on the stronger team and it wins, you win the entire bet amount.

0.5 Handicap Bet: The stronger team gives a 0.5-goal handicap to the weaker team. Players win the bet if the stronger team wins the game.

0.75 Handicap Bet: This bet gives the stronger team a 0.75-goal handicap over the weaker team. If the stronger team wins by exactly 1 goal, the player only wins half of the bet amount. A win by 2 goals or more results in a full win.

1 Handicap Bet: The stronger team must win by at least 2 goals for the player to win the bet. If the match ends with a 1-goal difference, it is considered a draw and the bet amount is refunded.


This article has covered key aspects of handicap betting in sports betting, including its definition, rules, and strategies for beginners. We hope this information helps you understand handicap betting better and improves your betting experience with malaysia best betting sites.


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